Saturday, February 9, 2013

FIFA 2011

FIFA 2011 is also a game, a game with improved graphics compared to the antecedent. FIFA 2011 comes with a wave of changes that we have left everyone amazed. First of all, the quality of the game has been improved by adding new effects to the players, the dribbles, and everything from the quality of the turf. FIFA 2010, it looks like it was a game not exactly how they were fans of this type of games from EA SPORTS, however, she seems to have learned from the criticism, and now is getting ready to revolutionize the market, with this new game.

In order to play fifa 2011, you will need to have at least a configuration like this:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Processor: Intel Dual Core processor at 2.4 GHz
Video Card: 256 MB VRAM – NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk:-
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Direct X: 9.0 c
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Installation: DVD-ROM Drive
** Notes: Preliminary Requirements – Subject to change

Furthermore, you can watch the looks of the new FIFA 2011.

FIFA manager is back with a vengeance

Electronic Arts has announced that this fall will launch FIFA Manager 12, a new sports management simulator developed by German Studios Bright Future which will bring more than 700 improvements.

These include a more advanced 3D, an improved artificial intelligence for football players, a new interface, changes to the financial system, an editor for the online player avatar, and features created and voted on by the community via your campaign Feature.
Guildford, UK – June 30, 2011 – Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that EA SPORTS is developing EA SPORTS FIFA Manager 12 in collaboration with football fans around the world. The 11th edition of the football management simulation will include features inspired and determined by the community, in addition to a full feature set and game modes with more than 700 improvements, when the game launches this autumn.

Through the online "Your Feature!" campaign, thousands of fans participated in the community call-to-action to directly influence the game's content for this season. The proposed features they wanted Fans to the game and then community voting determined the ones that mattered most. Features created by the community "includes Speeches Before The Match", "European Cup Final Match", "Open Trials for New Players, new tutorial" Manager Challenges, "and an extension of the last 24 hours of the transfer market.

"It was very exciting to see so many great ideas proposed by our fans," said Gerald Koehler, lead designer of FIFA Manager 12. "We were impressed by the passion these fans exhibited towards the game and the quality of the ideas generated. Working with the community helped us target more than 700 improvements that will make this the most authentic football simulation management we have ever produced. "

FIFA Manager 12 features improvements to virtually all areas of the game, including major enhancements to the 3D mode, finances, transfers and the calendar. Changes to the 3D mode created a more realistic experience, and includes new logic, artificial intelligence, new player and marked improvements to tactics, substitutions and the conduct of opposing managers. In addition, the new intuitive user interface makes it possible for players to retrieve all the data relevant to the game within seconds and to issue accurate tactical instructions to their teams.

The financial mode is now more authentic with on-the-pitch success-mate hug revenue, and realistic differences in revenue generated through jersey sponsors between clubs. In the transfer section, managers can now field players in training and trial in real matches. Managers can also commission a detailed analysis of the squad so the team's weak points can be specifically eliminated. A whole range of new options will be available in the calendar, from the charity gala to direct friendly match queries, and training can once again be planned and implemented on a daily basis.

FIFA Manager 11 also contains a host of improvements to the online mode; all premium features from previous years are now included and available to all players. Online improvements include an extensive avatar editor, the option of creating fantasy leagues, and a large number of new statistics.

The hottest games of Google Play

As you know Google Play we find plenty of applications and games for mobile phones which runs the Android operating system. I will introduce you to a few games that I liked:

1. Angry Bird-famous game that shows the fighting birds with pocus comes in a new version. This time the fight is taking place in space where the gravity is zero. The game features 60 levels that will keep you away from boredom. You can download the application for free from here
Angry Birds Space

2. An Sadiq 3D game less common but very interesting. In this game the player must spare geometric bodies that appear in front of it. The game requires a little skill, but it can be acquired after a few attempts. This game can be played on the Smartphone more salute and can be descript for free here

3. Dead Space is a science fiction game that is recognized by gamers as one of the games with the best graphics. This game can be played on cell phones a little better and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
Dead Space

4. Grand Theft Auto 3 (G.T.A III)-along with the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the game on PC and other consoles at Rocks tar have decided to be released and for Smartphone and tablets with Android and iOS. The story and game assignments are the same as on the PC. At the time of leaving the game Play consists of Google around $ 30, but now we can buy with 16,54 Lei here
Grand Theft Auto III and the list can continue but I'll stop here. But you can tell us a couple of games that would worth trying, through a comment.

Music is the art which has influenced major gaming industry for PCs or consoles. And before they make their appearance on the animated devices processors more or less powerful, and celebrates the role of entertainment through other devices, all dedicated to gaming, but who seem old when the world. Gizmo watch had compiled a list of the most beloved games of music in 1978 and until now, a true history of digital sound in hardcore gaming service.

10 Latest PC games 2013

10 Latest PC games 2013-sure, there are still many other game titles the eagerly awaited its presence in 2013. And here I was just quoting a few of PC Gamer who said this will be the top game released in mid and late in 2013. Well for those of you gamers might be worth waiting for the latest games, the year increases the more sophisticated technology. Wait, poised ready congratulations stormed over your computer and waiting for a fella.

One of the PC game that deserves to be tried by 2013 this is Tomb Raider Reboot. Originally, the game was planned to attend this one in 2012. However, for reasons the consummation of this game, Eidos and Crystal Dynamics, the game developer, canceled released this game until 2013, precisely on 5 March.

The following 10 games that are worth the wait in 2013, as quoted from PC Gamer, Friday (4/1/2013).

1. Tomb Raider Reboot. Publisher: Square Enix. Release: March 5
Tomb Raider is an upcoming action-adventure platform video game. Published by Square Enix, Tomb Raider is the fifth title developed by Crystal Dynamics in the Tomb Raider franchise. As the first entry in a new Tomb Raider continuity, the game is set to provide no correlation to the entirety of the previous entries in the series; a reboot that emphasizes the reconstructed origins of the culturally influential lead character, Lara Croft. Credit to wikipedia

2. a Star Wars ad. Publisher: LucasArts. Released: Late 2013

3. Grand Theft Auto 5. Publisher: RockStar. Released: mid-2013.

4. Crysis 3. Publisher: EA. Release: February 2013

5. Battlefield 2. Publisher: EA. released: Late 2013

6. Call Of Duty Series. Publisher: Activision. Released: Late 2013

7. Grid 2. Publisher: Code Master. Releases: 2nd quarter of 2013

8. Dragon Age 3. Publisher: EA. released: Late 2013

9. Sim City. Publisher: EA. released: March 8

10. football simulation Games, such as the 2014 FIFA and PES. Publisher: EA Sports and Konami. Release: September 2013

Well that's my 10 Latest PC Game 2013 worth you wait, gamers happy:)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

To Lego Harry Potter

A new part of the Lego Harry Potter series was announced in May and will continue its course of classic titles based on franchise and offer the action through a ... more playful look. The development team has finally released the first official gameplay trailer for the production, which is scheduled for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita

Hector: Badge of Carnage
My reference to this very special game, I would like to thank his friend byteme, goal_scoring_superstar_hero (Whew, you can not choose a smaller nick ;) thanks to which I learned of its existence. Of course the other publishers themselves not killed the game already to promote. At the time of this writing, the official site of the game is not even mentioned that they have released the second and third episode. This is a classic case that «cult diamond whose existence spread by word of mouth", which predisposes us very positive about its value. In each case, however, before exiting the verdict must be the autopsy ...

Harry Potter in the Novel
Hi dear... what do you thing about harry potter story? are you like it? The first time I read harry potter I think the story is very good. Harry potter novel which tells the world of magic is based on fantasy writers. This Novel is not a scientific novel. Some similar novel harry potter is also interesting. Harry potter was able to increase sales of non fiction novels, took the book scientific ultimately filled with books on magic, good fantasy and history.As a reader I am quite satisfied with the story of the novel. I am currently also being reading some novel by steve berry about the library of Alexandria. I'm sure you also like with steve berry's novel, he tells about the fact.

Many books and films that have been made into pc games, a great advantage for the novel because the author gets a double royalty. Make sure gaming is easier than making novel, make a game we just need software. What do you thing about it? How to write a novel? lets hunt about it..

The first two novels of STEVE BERRY, The Amber Room and The Romanov Prophecy, was a national bestseller. His third Novel, The Third Secret, became a New York Times bestseller. He lives on the coast of Georgia and he also pengacar who often travel to the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, and Russia. Copyright the novel have been sold in 32 countries. He is currently working on his third novel, the thriller. I like The Amber Room and Alexandria Link

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PC Games 2012 I Have Play

The latest and greatest PC Games has become one of the entertainments that are liked by all circles adults, adolescents, and children. Everyone would love to play games, because games can make you become addicted, when you start playing the game.

The latest and greatest PC Games

Now the games can be played with a few gadgets such as playstation, mobile, Smartphone and PC (computer and Laptop). This time we will discuss about the LATEST PC GAMES in 2012. Some of the games here are indeed requires a computer/laptop that has a hard drive and a VGA is huge.

Latest PC Games
Here are some reviews about the latest pc games with the video review.

1. The Grim Dawn
2. The Secret World
Kingdoms of Amalur.: Reckoning
4. Dead State
5. the Tribes: Ascend
6. Borderlands 2
7. Mechwarrior
8. Dishonored
9. Bioshock Infinite
10. Mass Effect 3
11. Guild Wars 2
12. Torchlight 2
13. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
14. Diablo 3

PC Games Updates
1. Grand Theft Auto V
Be numbered GTA title is a big problem. We know GTA V is set in Los Santos, who was taken in the Rockstar of Los Angeles, and that may have some of the protagonists. What we don't know is whether it is a continuation of GTA IV or return to the pop culture of Vice City and San Andreas. The gold color and gloss trailer shows the latter.

2. Cross of the Dutchman
An action or adventure in the mould of Fable 3, this game puts you in the position of the Netherlands Gerlofs Warrior-legendary pirate Pier Donia. You will free the Frisians. Grutte Pier was seven meters and can cut off the heads of some people with one punch, apparently.

3. Metal Gear Solid: Rising
Sharp cheekboned maya Ninja Raiden, you're hunting the culprits in the near future. The emphasis is on rapidly, fencing, offensive game In the series is perhaps best known for his crushing fourth-wall device inventive plot and game mechanics: we're always happy to see more of it on the PC.

4. Brothers in Arms: the Furious 4
This is a team-based shooter, again, but not to update the combat scenario, Brother in Arms recently saw a group of armed-to-the-teeth Yank army take those pesky Nazi. The Demo we saw the jacket jet involved and insane violence. This is reminiscent of Inglourious Basterds is Tarantino, with plenty of Gore and Nazi-branding. Like the version of 1940 from Bulletstorm.

5. The Darkness 2
We didn't get the Darkness first: mass shooters set into which the mystical powers has been imbued with special ability is the central character. Fortunately, the sequel is set to brighten up your PC. This includes the ' Quad-Wielding ', which allows players to trim, grab and toss enemies with the two arms of the devil while holding two guns. You can also tell when You kill the enemy imp from the shadows. Ace.

6. Strike Zero Suit
Many of the games showing the end of the world, but not many look at staving off with a giant space change robot. It's very ' 80s take on the shooter, space weapons and ludicrous with an infinite number of power-ups, but the caliber of its creator should be sure about anything, but it is 8-bit. Never going to be very challenging, but there are just not enough change robot space giants in this game.

7. Prototype 2
Prototype 2009 is sim city roaming murder, with a few touches such as being able to take on the appearance of the enemy. The sequel saw the new protagonist James Heller take evil and evil forces mutant with the same aplomb. That Heller had some new capabilities, such as tendrils can be enemies, and everyone can be torn into pieces fleshy. The massacre of OpenWorld, refutations of throws and, hopefully, has gone into a bit more depth.

8. Spec Ops: The Line
Third person cover shooter set in sand blasted the remains of Dubai, is promising a hard choice in an uncompromising narrative. Banner feature is a ' Dynamic ' Sand, silicate-accurate model that can form avalanches to destroy others or opponents. 2 k reminds us that ' the sand does not have the loyalty ', blatant disregard of the wonders of Aladdin's Cave.

9. Shank 2
We are not a big fan of the original Shank, side-scrolling 2D Platform shooter (think Cons). The sequel promises to make amends with revamped controls and the co-op mode and a new life. The cell-shaded art looks great.

10. Shoot Many Robots
This is a four-player side-scrolling shooter with RPG flavor a bit. Hillbilly protagonist Walter Tugnut P can be enhanced by bits and bobs he salvages from many many robots, he tends to shoot. Very fun to see the game wears its mission statement.

11. Captain Blood
A third-person adventure of swashbuckling. Mixed combo based sword combat and ship-to-ship fi ghtin